1st Lt. William J. Wilsterman - Gunnery school RP-63 frangible bullet target pilot at the Indian Springs/Las Vegas Flexible Gunnery School - Army Air Force Western Training Command,

1943 - 1945.



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The instructor (Civilian James M. Miller) is on the left, Bill is in the center, two other cadets are behind him and one other cadet is in the front seat of this PT-19.  Instructors typically trained four students a day, one at a time in the two seater.


A formation of BT-13s


Victory Field in Vernon Texas - The intentionally V-shaped buildings were barracks. 

PT-19s are lined up on the left


Bill and brother in the local newspaper


Victory Field graduation book cover


The "W" page




Cadets were discharged out of the Army after earning their wings and then were reenlisted into the Army Air Force


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AT-6s from Indian Springs - Army Air Force Western Training Command


B-17 with gunnery student aboard




Bill and his P-39 for the day


An Army Air Force Western Training Command P-63


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Discharge papers


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