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1st Lt. William J. Wilsterman


1st Lt. William J. Wilsterman - Gunnery school RP-63 frangible bullet target pilot at the Indian Springs/Las Vegas Flexible Gunnery School - Army Air Force Western Training Command,

1943 - 1945.



Individual Flight Records


BP-13 (Primary Trainer)

BT-13 (Basic Trainer)

AT-11 (Advanced Trainer)

Pages 1-5 of flight records  (Dec. 42 - Jun 43)

(Including primary, basic, advanced training and Las Vegas check rides)




* Used as a aerial flexible gunnery shooting platform and target tug


AT-6 (Advanced Trainer) *


Pages 6-14 of flight records (Jul 43 - Oct 43)




AT-24 (Navy SBD)

AT-6 (Advanced Trainer) *


A-23 (B-26) *

B-17 (Mostly Co-Pilot) *

Pages 15-21 of flight records (Nov 43 - May 44)



P-39 (D & Q) Camera Target

AT-6 (Advanced Trainer) *

B-17 (Mostly Co-Pilot)

Pages 22-28 of flight records (Jun 44 - Oct 44)



P-39 (D & Q) Camera Target

P-63 (A & C) Camera Target

RP-63 Frangible Bullet Target

Pages 29-38 of flight records (Nov 44 - Aug 45)



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